Historial franco-allemand du Hartmannswillerkopf

The Hartmannswillerkopf Franco-German Historial of the Great War is a multifaceted tool, having both historical and a tourist elements, as well as being a memorial, and above all an educational resource.

The Historial offers a broad view of events during the 1st World War, nevertheless leaving centre stage to Hartmannswillerkopf – Vieil Armand, in order to act as a link with the site and the neighbouring national monument and to enable visitors to understand it better.

The “Living in Wartime - People in the War” exhibition created by the Haut-Rhin Departmental Archives and the General State Archive - Karlsruhe will be available to view throughout the 2017 season in the dedicated space for seasonal exhibitions.

Practical information

Open every day from 3 August to 19 November 2017.

High season times – from 3 August to 21 September: 9h30 to 18h00
Low season times – from 22 September to 19 November : 9h30 to 17h30


Individuals: 5 euros/person
Free for children under 10 years of age accompanied by an adult.
Groups of adults (booking required): 4 euros/person
School groups (booking required): 3 euros/person
Guided tours on request: Contact the CMNHWK